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General Questions

What do I get for my £50 per month?

Which of these things would I get anyway, regardless of who designs the website?

In what ways is this superior to going to a website designer and then linking into sites like HMRC etc. for additional content?

Flexibility of the Website Design

Do I have to have one that looks like the current sample or can I have one that looks quite different?

Can I find some websites that I like and then get my website designed to look similar to those with similar features?

What if after several attempts I still don’t like the look or feel of the website?

If I already had a website and just wanted to have features added to it could I do that?

Can I add small changes after the website is built? What would be considered a small change?

Can another MiP or another accountant copy my design entirely apart from the branding?

Can my website be linked seamlessly to a client portal where clients can see their statutory accounts, management accounts etc?

Website Features

Are all of the “tools” listed on this website available as standard or will there be an extra cost for some of them for say a premium service?

What “feeds” would be standard for the website and what would the frequency of the updates be for them?

Can I add my own content as part of the standard monthly package?

Can I easily add extra web pages as part of the package?

The Design Process

As I don’t know the designer how do I reduce the uncertainty of working with them?

As I am not geographically close to the designer how will we work together to make sure that I get what I want?

What is the usual timescale to deliver similar websites from start to finish?

Is there some sort of approval/draft process?

Keeping the Website Looking Contemporary

How frequently will my website be “reviewed” to make sure that it is making the very best use of modern technology?

Will my website start to look “dated” after a few years or does it get an automatic review and redesign after a certain time?

As new websites and features become available will I automatically get them?

Search Engine Optimisation

What features of the service will help my website to consistently get to the top of the search engine listings?

Technical Aspects

How do I know that the website will remain up to date in terms of the technology platform?

Who hosts the website?


Do I have to transfer the Domain to the web designer to complete the web design work?

If I do transfer the Domain, how do I get this back if I move to another designer later?

Continuity issues and hosting of the Website

Is the site hosted by the designer or is it hosted by a large company that is financially secure?

What happens to the website if the designer goes out of business?

Will I lose the website if the design company stops paying the bills for the hosting?

Is there an escrow agreement whereby I can get a copy of the code and migrate to another provider if the designer goes out of business?

Is there a back-up continuity provider?

Is the website automatically monitored to detect errors and availability problems?

Are there reports that let me know what the availability of the website was?

What is the guaranteed “up time” in terms of % and working hours?

What are the penalties if the host fails to meet these standards?


Is there an early exit fee if I decide to end the contract?

Is there a minimum contract term for the provision of the website?

Does the intellectual property of my website belong to me or to the designer?

If I stopped subscribing for the updates would the website be shut down or would it be hosted but would not receive updates etc?

Can I buy the current version of the website once it is set up?


Do I need a separate email account?


If I didn’t have the full design service, but just wanted to have some of the features added to my own website what would the monthly cost be?

Do I get an update/redesign after a fixed length of time?

If I want to make ad hoc changes is there a price list for these?


Is this done by Standing Order only?

Is there a discount for those who pay for a year or a quarter in advance?


The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by Pay As U Go Websites Ltd and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct...

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